About Us

The Grand Blanc Freestyle Judo Club teaches Freestyle Judo which focuses on gi and nogi training and primarily teaches techniques with a self defense menatlity but sport awareness. The GBFJC is also the only AAU judo club in Michigan (id # XT9FE9).

The club instructor, Michael Hough, is a nidan (2nd degree black belt) in freestyle judo (awarded 4/16/11 by Lucio Farias Hanshi, International Budokan). He has 20 years of martial arts training under some of the best instructors in the martial arts and holds black belts in Karate and Tae Bong Soo Do (Tae Kwon Do & Modern Arnis).He has 11 years of instructor training and is a certified coach in the AAU (id # X333CEN, completed 3/2/2011) as well as a certified Full Instructor in submission grappling.

The members of the GBFJC are some of the highest caliber martial artists with a history of excellence. Many of these judoka are also Tae Bong Soo Do practitioners and hold rank in both styles. Some have even branched out and participated in submission grappling and brazilian jiu jitsu competitions.

The GBFJC opperates out of Masters and Champions Martial Arts in Grand Blanc MI, and meets Wednsedays 6:45-8pm, Sunday 4-6pm and Saturday mornings from 11 to 12:30. Participants are not obligated to buy a gi or anything of that nature. Simply wear a cup  and loose clothing (and any other safety equipment you might need...mouth guard, ear protection, etc). The classes for the GBFJC are $25 and if you chose to also participate in the Tae Bong Soo Do classes hosted at M & C there is a 2 week free trial program going on to see if you like it. Contact Master Adam Bell at 810-695-KICK for more info on the TBSD class.

First Class

 For those of you new to the martial arts and really want to know about the protocals and everything before you enter the door, here is a typical first class or first meeting.

If all you want to do is observe the class than its very simple, when you walk in the instructor will come over and introduce himself if class isn't already running. Take off your shoes (even if you don't have to) and go over to the guest/observer area and watch. Make sure that your phone is off and you demonstrate that you are attentive and interested.

If you are walking in with the intention of joining the class right of the back than make sure you have asked the particular instrcutor ahead of time if that is alright, at the GBFJC we welcome anyone to participate at any time. Make sure you arive early for introductions. Bring lose clothing, a cup, and any other gear if necessary. During the class pay attention and don't talk except to say "Hai Sensei" or "yes sir" since the class is not a soul beginner class and doesn't have time to be held up by beginner questions. If you do have important questions ask the senpai or senior you are working with, you may not get an answer simply because you don't need an answer yet.

Your first class is going to be alot of ukemi (falling), some basic grip, and off-balancing, and alot more falling. If you don't want to fall than judo isn't for you. The rest is paying attention and just trying to keep up for the most part. Mirror your senpai/seniors and you will be fine.

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