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New Bairn Division for our SBW event

Posted by Michael Hough on Sunday, July 26, 2015,
I wanted to announce that we will be adding a new division for our Scottish Backhold Wrestling event. The Bairn division is a division for the wee lads and lasses 6 and under to throw around some of our assistant instructors and senior students in a fun and entertaining environment. This division is free and open to any kiddo 6 and under to play.

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Possible Seminar end of July

Posted by Michael Hough on Tuesday, May 24, 2011,
That's right, it looks like that either the second to last or last Sat. of July will be a grappling for the street and self defense seminar put on by Michael Hough Sensei. The seminar will be three hours long starting at 10:00 am at Masters and Champions. GBFJC members will be $10.00 when pre-registered, everyone else will be $20.00, if you don't pre-register (aka contact Hough Sensei to say you are coming) than its an additional $5.00. Hough Sensei will be going through the basics of assimil...
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