On August 2nd, Grand Blanc Freestyle Judo Club will be hosting a Scottish Backhold Wrestling Seminar and Tournament open to everyone in Grand Blanc, MI (Soccer Zone). Starting a 10:00am we will have a one hour seminar about Scottish Backhold Wrestling and its techniques. After we will host the first SBW tournament in Michigan. 

The cost is $15 pre-registered and $20 at the door. To pre-register email Michael Hough at mrhough@aol.com and include your weight. 

This is a fun for all event so keep that in mind. Open to all ages and experience levels. You should wear a sleeveless shirt and shorts or a kilt with sport shorts under.

Some Background- SBW is a folk wrestling style originating in Scotland. The two competitors grip around each other with and under hook and over hook and joining hands together. The first one to touch the ground with anything other than their feet loses. The competition is best of 5 falls and you may use any means besides striking or breaking your grip in order to bring your opponent to the ground.