That's right, it looks like that either the second to last or last Sat. of July will be a grappling for the street and self defense seminar put on by Michael Hough Sensei. The seminar will be three hours long starting at 10:00 am at Masters and Champions. GBFJC members will be $10.00 when pre-registered, everyone else will be $20.00, if you don't pre-register (aka contact Hough Sensei to say you are coming) than its an additional $5.00. Hough Sensei will be going through the basics of assimilating grappling into your personal self defense martial art, in other words you don't have to be a grappler to use rappling.

Hough Sensei will cover going to the ground and why, basic escapes and controls, the purpose of the ground and why you may not want to go there, escaping and extricating yourself from ground combat, and fighting better grapplers. His goal is not to give you a taste of grappling so you will be forced to go to the regular class or to come back for another seminar; his goal is to ground proof you before you leave the seminar with techniques you could do in your sleep.